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Venique Nail Lacquer


TOP COAT is formulated with Sil-Tek, an ingredient formulated with silicone to create flexibility so polish can expand and contract with the nail. Top coat also includes Diamond Dust to add the highest shine.

BASE COAT has a soft, sticky texture designed to anchor polish to the nail creating longer-wearability and help prevent peeling or chipping.

"Your nails expand when they get wet and contract again when they get dry. Flexibility from Sil-Tek, formulated in our top coat, accommodates those normal variations. In addition, the Diamond Dust inside the top coat makes it extra shiny. Our polishes take a full 10 minutes to dry, but that's typical of many polishes. A client doesn't want to pay up to $20 for a manicure and have her color chipping the next day." —Melissa Hoogendoorn, Senior Marketing Executive

Venique Nail Lacquer in blue shoe


Questions & Answers

Why does the base coat seem sticky and how long should it dry before applying lacquer?
The sticky film works as an adhesive to adhere the polish to the nail. 20 seconds is a typical dry time for the sticky base coat. It should feel tacky and not completely dry when applying the polish.

Can any base coat be used with the lacquer?
Yes, but in order to obtain optimum results Venique™ should be used as a system starting with the sticky base coat.

What is Sil-Tek?
Sil-Tek is the newest technology of a blend of ingredients formed with silicone, found in our top coat. The silicone ingredient adds flexibility resulting in long-lasting performance.

Is the formula free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates), and camphor?

What does diamond dust add to the top coat?
Diamond dust adds superior shine and creates a strong barrier to protect from excess chipping or peeling.

Can the top coat be dried under a UV lamp?
The top coat was designed to dry naturally. A UV lamp can be used but there is no added benefit. The thickness of each layer applied will affect the dry time.

Is Venique™ nail lacquer a one coat polish?
Yes, one coat will give nails superior coverage but two coats can be used for more intensity.

From "BeautySpan" – March/April 2012

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