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Rusk® Elimin8™ Color Corrector

Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector

Whether your client is ready for a change, the client took her hair color into her own hands with box color or you have made a mistake; correcting the problem meant either growing the color out, using harsh chemicals or cut as much hair off as possible.

RUSK® has the answer to all of the above, for slight, partial or a full color correction…Elimin8™ Hair Color Corrector, is the right choice, as it has a gentle and thorough action, preserving hair's natural condition and leaving it ready for a new color service.

Revolutionary Elimin8™ Hair Color Corrector saves you time and most importantly, saves your client's hair with its simple, quick and effective system. The only factor that could ever stop you from changing/ correcting or coloring would be if the hair is far too damaged or too weak to handle an additional process.

How does Elimin8™ Color Corrector work? Elimin8™ uses a unique chemistry that reverses the oxidative color process by breaking the bonds of color molecules. Elimin8™ carries active reducing ingredients that are able to disaggregate the color molecules into color intermediates. Best explanation would be to say that "Reduction is the opposite reaction of oxidation". The dye is reduced to its intermediates and due to the smaller size; they are released/rinsed out from hair with its unique feature of chelating and cleansing system.

Elimin8™ is recommended for permanent oxidative hair color, not for semi or demi, with the exception of Deepshine® Ammonia-Free Tone-On-Tone Color Cream which uses 100% oxidative color molecules therefore Elimin8™ Color Corrector can be used to remove if necessary.

Follow the simple easy instructions and once completed your client will be ready for fresh color in about an hour's time and results will be everything that you and your client hoped for.

Results may vary.

From "BeautySpan" – September/October 2012

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