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Minardi Products Testimonial:
Salon Ratay

  Sherry Ratay

Sherry Ratay • Salon Ratay Owner
Orlando, Florida •

Salon Owner

"I have been working with the Beth Minardi Signature Hair Color and I must say that I am 100% pleased with the coverage of gray, control of lifting, longevity of tonal value and the spectacular shine. When working with each guest I have to take into consideration the fiber of their hair.

Minardi Luxury Color Care has the nutrient replacement complex which delivers the exact amount of water, lipids and proteins that have been displaced from hair coloring, thermal styling and daily living. The hair color palate is perfect for the creative minds of hairdressers, what more could we ask for!"

Sherry Ratay, Salon Ratay Owner

Sherry Ratay is an internationally-acclaimed, celebrity colorist, award-winning color expert, salon owner and bi-coastal colorist at Gavert Atelier in Beverly Hills California, Sherry travels all over the country to train and educate other professionals; she has had the pleasure and opportunity to make people look and feel beautiful for the past 20 years.

Salon Ratay inside  

Salon Artists

"I use Minardi Luxury Color Care products because each product is specifically designed for the hair is lacking. My go to product for each and every guest is Color Glisten Drops. The drops are perfect for shine, nourishment and works for all hair types."

Alicia Delbrey, Creative Artistic Director

Minardi Washes and After Washes give me the confidence to supply each guest with the proper amount of nutrition and hydration to keep my work and the customer's hair beautiful and healthy! The majority of my clientele are organically driven so they appreciate all the natural ingredients that make up the product assortment."

Holly Campbell, Colorist

  Salon Ratay Retail Area

Minardi Luxury Color Care Retail Product at Salon Ratay are carefully positioned and managed to provide salon clients with the ultimate salon experience.

Salon Retail Area

"The retail area at Salon Ratay is strictly managed and maintained by myself for the simple reason that each Minardi Luxury Color Care Products is displayed as its own rare gem. With a warm greeting into Salon Ratay, each guest will feel as if they are shopping in Neiman's or Saks.

Every retail shelf is consistently cleaned on a weekly basis and each Minardi Luxury Color Care Products is precisely placed with adequate space between every product, illustrating a balanced forum of luxury products.

You have to remember, the consumer is unable to purchase Minardi Luxury Color Care Products at local drug stores or the internet, so its exclusivity must make a statement for every salon that carries Minardi Luxury Color Care."

Jacob Eason, Salon Ratay Business

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From "BeautySpan" – May/June 2013

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