How do I establish a CosmoProf®? is a Business to Professional eCommerce Website. As such, we require customers to have an existing Beauty Systems Group Account or to be a registered PROCLUB® Cardholder to shop on

How do I become a CosmoProf® Account customer? Call Customer Service at 1-800-362-3186

To be an account customer, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. You must be a licensed cosmetologist, nail technician or a salon owner
  2. You must reside in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico
  3. You will be asked to comply with distribution and anti-diversion agreements

Benefits to establishing a CosmoProf® Account:

  1. You can establish credit terms on your account
  2. You can establish tax exempt status
  3. You will receive a monthly CosmoProf® account statement summarizing all account activity

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It has come to our attention that fraudulent coupons can be found on the Internet on web sites that are not affiliated with CosmoProf. honors only those coupons established by CosmoProf/BSG through our internal marketing channels, which includes emails from CosmoProf and our marketing partners, the CosmoProf shopping guide, our full service sales force, or emailed coupon codes redeemable on the website. Any coupon redemption will also be subject to CosmoProf's territorial and professional-only distribution restrictions.

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Diversion Policy

CosmoProf® is committed to a salon-only policy of sales and distribution. Our commitment is a promise that we will make every effort to maintain the professional product integrity that you demand. CosmoProf® WILL NOT knowingly place our salons in jeopardy from the unauthorized sale of professional only products.

We participate in the Beauty Industry Fund for Consumer Protection to combat diversion on an industry-wide level.

What is Diversion?

Diversion is the sale of exclusive product lines outside the intended channels of professional distribution.

How Does Diversion Occur?

Diversion can occur through multiple sources, including through manufacturers or distributors who "look the other way" and sell directly to diverters, and through customers who purchase products not for authorized purposes, but rather for unauthorized resale.

Why does CosmoProf® fight diversion practices?

We believe our products will produce optimum results only if chosen and sold by trained salon professionals who understand their clients' hair needs. From a trade standpoint, diversion tends to lessen the allure of the product in the eyes of the consumer. There can be product quality issues that arise from the purchase of diverted product as well, and many manufacturers do not guarantee product purchased through unauthorized channels.

Known suspected diverters will not be allowed to shop

What can one do to help stop diversion?

If a collector (diverter) contacts you, call 866-442-0712 or email us at to report it. Be sure to provide the collector's name, telephone number and any other information that you may be able to legally provide. You may also report diversion by using our online survey.

We abide by anti-diversion agreements with our manufacturers. Customer accounts that are flagged as diverters will not be allowed to shop on the site. If you feel your account has been flagged in error, please contact customer service at 888-206-1192.

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Education & Shows

Use the Education & Shows link located in the header to browse the latest education opportunities and show information in your area.

Instructions for class registration are included on the Education & Shows home page. Note: Registration processes vary by region.

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Favorites List / Quick Order Form

Favorite Items

For your shopping convenience, you may add products to your "Favorites" list from the products page so you can add them to the cart easily during future site visits without having to navigate to it.

Quick Order Form

The Quick Order Form accessed at the top of the window is also designed to allow you to build a list of items ordered repeatedly, which makes filling staple orders quick and efficient.

Use this feature if you already know the 6-digit SKU number of the product you want. Then enter the quantity, and the product name will appear. Once you have populated the list, add the items to your cart and proceed to checkout to expedite the process.

Click here for detailed instructions.

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To obtain a copy of MSDS information for the products we sell, please contact 940-898-7500.

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My Profile

When logged in to the site, you can manage your Web account information:

  • Update your email address or password
  • Manage your address book – Cardholders may add additional ship to addresses
  • Add, edit and manage your favorite items
  • Change site preferences
  • Edit email preferences
  • View order history
  • View PROCLUB®information

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The website home page has been designed to help you shop in the most efficient way possible. The menu includes shopping links, links to articles, education information and icons that take you to your profile, favorites, quick order form, and shopping cart. These items remain visible throughout your shopping experience.

Shop by Brand option allows you to view the vendors whose products are available for purchase. Once you click on a specific brand, the brand page will display a list of the Brand product lines to help narrow your search results.

Shop by Category option allows you to view products by the category in which they fall. Navigating this way will ensure all manufacturers with the same product type (i.e. shampoo) are listed together. Then you can narrow by Sub-category or by Brand if you choose.

What's New will show you the latest additions to our product assortment.

Intros includes salon openers and collections essential for your business.

Promotions includes a showcase of On Sale and special promotional products.

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Order History

See the Order History of the My Profile area to view your purchase history. Within this screen the status of your web order will appear under order number. Please allow time for our system to update ship status changes.

Any order # can be clicked to see order details.

All orders will contain a tracking number for your convenience.

Non-shipped Items

If a product you ordered is found to be out of stock, the non-shipped items will be retained in your history so you can add them to a future order. When items are back in stock and added to the cart, the previous unshipped quantity will be available to you at the same price as before and will not be subject to shipping fees.

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Password Reset

At the Account Sign In screen, if you have forgotten your password you may click the Forgot User Name or Password link. You will be prompted to validate your email address. An auto-generated response will be sent to that email. You must click on the reset password link to initiate the change password process.

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  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. At this time we do not accept PIN based debit card or PayPal payments.

    CARD AUTHORIZATION: We authorize every credit card with fraud protection measures including address verification. If the zip code on your web order does not match your credit card billing address, the authorization will fail. During the authorization process your credit card company will hold funds for the amount of the sale temporarily and will be released if the order is canceled for any reason. The amount of time those funds are held is determined by the card company.
  • Account holders who have established credit terms with CosmoProf® have the option to checkout On Account. The option will be presented to you on the Shopping Cart Checkout page and your order will be captured for inclusion on your next CosmoProf® account statement.

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Privacy Policy

All policies may be accessed through the Website footer (shown below):

If you have any questions about our policies, you may contact us by mail at the postal address below:

  • CosmoProf®
  • Attn.: Web Privacy
  • 3001 Colorado Blvd
  • Denton, TX 76210

or you can reach us by telephone at 800-777-5706.

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PROCLUB® Membership

Are you a PROCLUB® member?

To view your card history visit the member site:

For PROCLUB® related inquiries, please call PROCLUB® member services: 866-792-1308.

The CosmoProf® PROCLUB® card is a professional I.D. card. This card allows us to immediately identify licensed professionals and salon owners; there is no need for them to present their license or anything else to shop with us. All they need is their PROCLUB® Card. This card is recognized at any CosmoProf® store throughout the United States and Canada.

PROCLUB® members are required to show their license and sign a Professional Purchase Agreement that states our mutual commitment to fight diversion.

The PROCLUB® Card is FREE and EASY. CosmoProf® PROCLUB® members enjoy many benefits including monthly eNewsletters, members-only coupons and advance notice of sales and special events. To find the store nearest you, please call 1-888-912-3463.

To report a lost PROCLUB® Card, please call 1-866-885-8802. For your protection, replacement cards are only issued through the PROCLUB® members lost card hotline, where we must verify your previous card number before issuing another.

PROCLUB members shopping the Website must pay by credit card, and can ship their order to variable ship to addresses (subject to Product Availability rules for your ship to address).

Under no circumstances will permit sharing of card numbers for the privilege of purchasing professional salon products. We strictly adhere to this guideline.

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Product Availability

CosmoProf® distributes over 300 exclusive professional salon brands. Professional cosmetologists, nail technicians, estheticians and salon owners enjoy the selection and the fact that our store locations are "professional only" and not open to the general public. Our convenient locations make buying the products needed to serve their clients easy and accessible.

Due to specific guidelines in our Manufacturer Contracts, CosmoProf® is limited in our area of distribution for certain product lines. All monthly promotions are based on available inventory.

All customers who login to the site must select a ship to zip/postal code for each order to determine product availability. All registered website customers must have a valid physical address to order online. We cannot ship to PO Boxes.

A product availability check will take place at various intervals during your shopping experience. A final zip code check will be performed in the shopping cart before you place your order. A change in shipping address at any point during your shopping experience may alter the product availability and could result in removal of items from the shopping cart. If this happens, we will note clearly in the cart which items were removed.

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eCommerce return policy

Store and Full Service Return policy

We're sorry, at this time we cannot accept returns to CosmoProf® stores.

If your DSC will assist you with processing your return please provide them the return merchandise and a copy of your order receipt for processing.

If you wish to schedule a pick-up of the merchandise by the freight carrier, first please obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) by calling 888-206-1192. Please use the attached form for specific instructions to follow when requesting a return. This form is required for all returns, as insufficient information on return items may result in a processing delay. You can utilize your web order confirmation or ship confirmation to supplement your return form with further details.

Download Return Form


We encourage your feedback on the products we distribute. Each product page has a Review area where you choose your screen name and submit a star rating and any written comments associated with the product.

All written comments are subject to initial review. We reserve the right to omit submissions that are inappropriate. Please use good judgment when posting your feedback for the benefit of other professionals. Be specific. The more you can share the greater the benefit of other professionals who currently use, or are considering using, the product.

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Sales Representatives (Who's my rep?)

To work with a direct sales consultant who can help fulfill the needs of your salon, please contact Customer Service and they will put you in touch with a consultant in your area.

Customer Service US: 888-206-1192
Customer Service Canada: 888-241-3330, Option #5

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Salon + Spa Equipment

CosmoProf® offers a wide variety of Salon and Spa Equipment available online @ To connect with a professional Salon Design Consultant, please call one of the following numbers:

Salon Design Center Canada: 888-241-3330, Extension 2237
Salon Design Center USA/East: 800-362-3186, Option #3
Salon Design Center USA/West: 800-233-3141, Option #8

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Site Search

Navigation has been structured to make locating products easy and efficient. However, CosmoProf® also has a powerful site search that will allow you to locate exactly what you're shopping for. Within the site search box at the top of the screen you can:

  • Search by key word or phrase
  • Search by product name
  • Search by SKU

Hint: You can also Shop by Brand or Category and narrow your results.

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Shipping Guidelines

Below is our shipping table with new rates, effective April 1, 2014.

Order Value Shipping Fees
$0 TO $249.99 $12.39
$250.00 TO $499.99 $13.39
$500.00 TO $749.99 $15.39
$750.00 TO $1,499.99 $17.39
$1,500.00 AND UP $26.39
$0 - $249.99 $9.99
$250 - $499.99 $10.99
$500.00 - $749.99 $11.99
$750.00 - $1499.99 $12.99
$1500.00 and over $17.99
$-0- TO $149.99 $7.95
$150.00 AND UP $7.45

A tracking number will be provided within your ship confirmation email so you can track your order during transit. This tracking number will also be displayed within the order history online.

We ship to the contiguous 48 United States, Alaska, DC, Canada and Puerto Rico.

At this time we are unable to ship to Hawaii, APO/FPO addresses and PO Boxes. If you have a PO Box shipping address on file please contact customer service to update your profile with a physical address to complete your order.

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Shopping Cart and Checkout Procedures

The checkout is a 4-step process.

  1. Shopping Cart Review

    Within the shopping cart you can increase your purchase quantity and add products to your "Favorites" list for future purchases.

  2. Shipping Address Confirmation

    You will be asked to confirm your shipping address to ensure you entered a valid delivery address and that the products in your cart can be shipped to the address you have chosen.

    PLEASE NOTE: Changes to Shipping Address may result in removal of products not available to that distribution area.

  3. Entering Payment Information

    PROCLUB® cardholders must checkout with a credit card.
    CosmoProf® Account holders may have the option of paying on Account, or with a credit card.

    For your security, all fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure the billing address associated with your credit card matches what you enter on your web order or the card authorization will fail.

  4. Review and Place Order

    CosmoProf® Account holders may add a Purchase Order Number for accounting purposes.

For your protection, all online transactions utilize a built in fraud-protection measure that validates credit cards by checking the zip code and card verification number for the account. Further, we encrypt each transaction and WE DO NOT STORE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.

Once you receive the confirmation the order has been placed, you may print a copy for your records, or you may access through your Web Order History when logged in to your web account.

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Shopping Guide (CosmoProf® store catalog)

After you have logged in, you may download a professional or student version of the store shopping guide for your area. The Shopping Guide link may be accessed from the page header or from the footer. The file is in a PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the eCatalog.

Please note: The CosmoProf® Shopping Guide is not available in certain states/zip codes where we do not have exclusive distribution rights. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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